Good Vibes

Photo Credit: Daily Times
Photo Credit: Daily Times

Our Story

We are family owned and operated restaurant. 

On the quiet side of the Smokies in Townsend, Tennessee Devan and Janie (son and mother) started Good Vibes on the River Restaurant and Bakery. They started this restaurant right at the beginning of the pandemic and wanted to try a whole new business venture of healthier line of foods and different choices.  Most of the food is made homemade and there are gluten-free and vegan options available. They wanted everyone to be able to eat at the restaurant and not have to worry. 

Good Vibes Restaurant is dedicated to Janie's sister, Judi. She was an amazing person with an outgoing personality. 

Meet our Crew

Hello, my name is Donelle but everyone calls me Dee. I am the General Manager of Good Vibes also the owner of Dee's Baked Goods.  I enjoy the fact of meeting new people and serving the community. If you ever get a chance to catch me while I am working stop and say HI!